They live among us. They dress the same, eat the same food, go to the same places and look very similar to the rest of us. But they are not the same. If you observe more closely, you will notice something unique. These people looked deeper into the nature of reality.

You would be forgiven for thinking that they just want to escape reality, while in fact, they wish to get as close as possible. Someone once said that reality is not only as strange as you can imagine but even stranger than you could ever imagine. Yet, these mechanics aim to achieve the impossible — to utilize the somewhat bizarre equations we seem to be given, for the radical improvement of the natural world.

In the grand scheme of things, it has only been a short while since the initial bits of the underlying structure were revealed, and merely a few decades have passed since the start of the actual revelation. Crucial insights remain elusive but each new discovery takes us further.



Everything becomes more exciting when we shift from 0 to 1.